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Friday, March 16, 2018

The Alchemist –By Paulo Coelho (Book review)

The Alchemist –By Paulo Coelho” was the first novel I had ever read back in 2007. Novel was never a choice of book for me but when I saw this book lying on my friend’s desk, I picked it and went reading it throughout. I remember reading it as if I had to appear the exam about this book, the next day.
Now, it has already past more than a decade. When I saw this book in the school library a few days ago, I had a flashback memory of then. I could not remember the story inside rather I was more curious, what it was that made me read this book in one go. I choose to read again.

The Alchemist is a story of a boy who wanted to travel around the world; hence he leaves his house and becomes a shepherd so that he can travel. The boy sees a recurrent dream of a child talking about finding a treasure near the Egyptian pyramids. His dream leads him to meet a Gypsy woman (dream interpreter) and an old king who suggests him to follow his dream.
The boy sells his flock and proceeds to Africa. He encounters a thief who steals all his money and flees. The boy works for a crystal merchant for almost a year and make some money. Believing in the omen he opts to move towards his treasure than to return back. In the desert, in the oasis he finds his love Fatima and his ability to interpret the omen makes earns him lots of gold. During his journey towards the Egyptian pyramids through the desert, he had to risk his life. However, he learns many lessons too.
Finally, after crossing the deadly desert and taking much risk, when he reaches the pyramid to get his treasure he is surprised to know where his treasure actually was. To know it, you should read the book as I did.

Had the boy given up on his dream, he wouldn’t get his treasure. Had I given up, I wouldn’t have known the full story. Now, if you want to know, do not give up. Just get the book and start reading. It is worth reading.


Saturday, March 10, 2018

My Reading & Writing Habit

It is yet for me to develop a good reading and writing habit. This means I am neither a regular reader nor a regular writer, but I endeavor to be one. Let me share about my Reading & Writing Habit.
During my primary classes, I loved reading Lady Bird Books, Moral Stories and Twinkle Comics. Later I choose Goosebumps series and Famous Five. When I was in eighth standard I remember my Liberian (Changzamtog LSS, 2003) keeping my Ramayan series ready for me. When I reached my high school (Yangchenphug HSS), I was crazy to learn more on Mahathma Gandhi. So, I was hunting for Gandhi’s Biography and his works. I was inspired by Gandhi after watching his documentary in one of my lower secondary teacher’s house (Mrs. Dechen Dolkar). Reading about Gandhi when I was in standard IX really helped me for standard X History, as it was a part of curriculum in Indian History. After I read the book “Who will cry when you die- by Robin S Sharma”, I interest in reading diverted towards self-help books.
However, after I reached standard XI, we had no library class, though we were issued card and had access to library. Since taking library was not compulsory for us, I hardly took any. After which I lost the reading habit. After standard XII, I have hardly read any books. If I am asked to list them, I can count them in my fingers because they are very few. Since, 2016 I have been trying to redevelop my reading habit and hence I could even read novels which I never liked to read before; because of its lengthy story. Now on I will be reading the books as well write the short review on them.
To talk about my writing habit, it was only for school and collage works that I had written till my graduation. Even after my graduation my writing habit is almost to NIL. I created my blogger account in 2011 but I rarely have write-ups to be posted in my blog. There are few occasions when my heart urges me to write.
However, as I have opted to make reading and writing my habits of life, I am starting my writings with this piece. Henceforth, I will also be writing book reviews of all the books I read.

Good Luck to myself to be a regular reader and a writer.


Saturday, October 14, 2017

Security, Sovereignty and Self-reliance

The "security and sovereignty" has always been an important factor for every nation. Moreover, our royals and particularly His Majesty the King reminds every Bhutanese about this in most of his national addresses. When we look back to the history of Bhutan, we will find that Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal has already seen this as paramount importance and started Bhutan's own unique identity through national language and the national dress. For years, every king in the throne has also considered the same and always worked for it. I too believe that security and sovereignty is very important for any citizen and this is one main factor behind the independence of our country, Bhutan.

The unique identity of our language, dress and culture alone cannot safeguard the security and the sovereignty of our country. With the development and challenges of the modern time, we need to look at many other areas of threat from which we need to safeguard. Never forgetting the above mentioned areas, I feel that the country's self-reliance is equally important for the safeguard of the country's security and sovereignty. In the present time, our country is almost fully dependent on other nations for almost everything. For instance, from a simple labour force to equipment for large developmental constructions, from the oil needed for cooking to the chillies for Ama-Datshi, which is the most important Bhutanese dish.

It is good to see that government has already started to work for the self-reliance in the agricultural area. It is the responsibility for each Bhutanese citizen to support and work for it. The nation is facing a huge unemployment problem where we need to import so many foreign workers. If only our youths work productively and develop a sense of being skilful rather than only graduating with high degree, I am sure we can have enough jobs for our youths in the country. We can set up many micro industries to produce our own home goods. I really appreciate those business entrepreneurs who have already started with their business. We as a Bhutanese should support their effort and try to be self-sufficient rather than fully depending upon the foreign goods. Such initiatives also create lots of job vacancies within the country to keep the unemployment rate low. However, it does not mean Bhutan can fully avoid being reliable to other countries. In this global economy era, it does not make a good sense to produce everything within the country neither can our domestic companies run every industry. For instance, to we cannot have our own petroleum companies. The country can yet start to do our best in the best possible way we can and make a strong economy of our own.

The other area which alerts me of safety of our sovereignty is our nation's high debt. Through media, we have learnt that our country has acquired huge sum in debt for the development of our country. Large amount has been used in the hydro-power industries. The turnover of this industry is very good. However, with the increase in pollution and global warming, these industries seem to be in danger before it could repay the debt. We might need to look for other alternative source of income rather than fully depending upon our live supporting rivers.

In my conclusion, I believe that the country's security and sovereignty not only lies in our unique identity of our national dress, language and the culture, we also need to work to make our country self-reliance. I also believe that taking huge debt is not a good option for the country's development.

Sunday, August 6, 2017


Reading is said to be the best friend of human. When you are alone and there is no one to accompany you, just pick a book and read. When you are sad and no one to console you, just pick a book and read. When you are bored, pick a book and save from your boredom. When you are hurt, read a book. 
Dear youths, if you are alone, if you are sad, if you are bored, if you are hurt, BAR AND BAD HABIT IS NOT THE RIGHT OPTION. Change your thinking and GO TO A LIBRARY or BUY A GOOD BOOK TO READ.
Going to bar and adopting bad habits is not the right option. They are the bad happiness. They are the devil in disguise. They will slowly send you to depression and ultimately summon you to unhappiness.  You will always live the life of low self-esteem in the society, unless you are under the influence of the devil.
On the other hand, READING will brighten you and make you sharper with better understanding to deal with situations. It will make you respectful in the society, hence increasing your self-esteem. You will live the life of dignity and this is where your life will gift you with the true happiness.
When you develop the habit of reading, do go for writing too. It is called progression.
Dear everyone, if you are thinking to buy a gift for your dear ones and could not think of what to gift, I suggest you to gift a good book. 

PK Gurung 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Title: No Time For Complex BUDDHISM- A book review

Author: Tulku Jamyang
No Time For Complex BUDDHISM is a basic understanding on Buddhism. Tulku Jamyang describes about Buddhism in a simple context. In this book he tells what is Buddhism? Who is Buddha? The brief history of Buddhism, symbols, Gods, basic definitions on Buddhist practices, etc.
Tulku describes that Buddhism is not simply a theory but a practical way. Through practice of Buddhism one can gradually overcome negative states of mind and develop positive states. He writes, “Buddhism is an antidote for mental and physical illness.” We all have the potential to become Buddha but our minds are covered with negative states. To become Buddha one has to clear all the negative states of mind.
Tulku aslo clears the people’s misconception of Buddha and Prince Siddartha Gautama. While Buddha is a person who is awakened from all confusion and Prince Siddartha is just one of many Buddhas.He was the founder of Buddhism. Normally people take the word ‘Buddha’ as Prince Gautama.
Tulku writes, “To overcome the eighty four thousand negative states of mind the Buddha taught a total of eighty four thousand teachings.” Buddhism teaches us to tame our mind to keep it in peaceful state through practice of mediation.
“We must understand the difference between momentary bliss and true happiness. Momentary bliss only occurs from our likes and wishes that are ever changing and fleeting long term happiness comes through performing important tasks for others as well as improving ourselves.” – Tulku Jamyang

Thursday, September 25, 2014

My Little Teachers

Beautiful Girls and Handsome boys
Naughty though my lovely guys
Sometimes furious, sometimes friendly
I am with you always jolly.

Tauchu, Aza Lam, GB and frog jump
All was there to lift you to ramp
We are together for two years and a half
Sometimes you cry and sometimes you laugh

Tall, short, thin and fat,
We have been like cat and rat.
Many a times you brought me a problem
Gave me a lesson so no problem

You have been my little teachers
Making me more than just a preacher
Thank you my dear lovely children
You have made my life in wonderland.

Completed 02/06/014
Time 1:30 pm

Place: V A Sengdhyen LSS.

***Tauchu, Aza Lam, GB and frog jump are the different types of punishment.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hi, I am  Blue and somewhere there in blue,  I love my pink. I said sorry for many a times, she said the same to me. Sorry has been our conversation topic for long. I know she still loves me and I love her more. I decided her as my soul mate on 16th June 2012 and was happy to know that we are for each other forever. But there are people who don't want to Blue and Pink together. Someone else too wants to be with pink, he writes me lot to disturb our relation. I wanted to hear that from her and she finally did tell. I was hurt a lot, a very much but I knew she too was hurt the other side of the mountain. I always waited for my Pink.
Finally when the black cloud is being cleared,  the strong wind is trying to make my Pink away from Blue.
There are thorns in our life. If we walk alone on this journey more thorn will come along. If we walk together no thorns can come our relation. Though I am already married to you on 16th June 2012 as a soul moreover,

From your BLUE.