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Sunday, August 6, 2017


Reading is said to be the best friend of human. When you are alone and there is no one to accompany you, just pick a book and read. When you are sad and no one to console you, just pick a book and read. When you are bored, pick a book and save from your boredom. When you are hurt, read a book. 
Dear youths, if you are alone, if you are sad, if you are bored, if you are hurt, BAR AND BAD HABIT IS NOT THE RIGHT OPTION. Change your thinking and GO TO A LIBRARY or BUY A GOOD BOOK TO READ.
Going to bar and adopting bad habits is not the right option. They are the bad happiness. They are the devil in disguise. They will slowly send you to depression and ultimately summon you to unhappiness.  You will always live the life of low self-esteem in the society, unless you are under the influence of the devil.
On the other hand, READING will brighten you and make you sharper with better understanding to deal with situations. It will make you respectful in the society, hence increasing your self-esteem. You will live the life of dignity and this is where your life will gift you with the true happiness.
When you develop the habit of reading, do go for writing too. It is called progression.
Dear everyone, if you are thinking to buy a gift for your dear ones and could not think of what to gift, I suggest you to gift a good book. 

PK Gurung 

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